The Shoutbox is my first project in PHP and MySQL. Visitors can leave a message on the website.

30 Days 30 Sites

Participation at the challenge #30Days30Sites

Trello Clone

For this project I recreated the user interface of the popular project management tool Trello. It is possible to add cards. Try it out! The code for this project can …

Nietzsche sagt

Nietzsche sagt displays random German Nietzsche Quotes on a click. They can be tweeted via another button.

Reaction Tester

With this little Javascript Program you can test your reactions. Colored circles and squares are shown, that you have to click as fast as you can. The time of the click …

Miss Picky is a personal blog. Special about this site is the focus on written content and typography. The layout is playful and plain at the same time.

Leila Yuliyah

The website of Leila Yuliyah exists since 2009, originally at the domain Especially interesting about this website is, that it is a multisite-installation in two languages on my own …


Bauchtanztalente was a project that I started with a colleague in 2014. It has a modern layout, that still looks up to date even after 3 years. We used a …

Choreographie-Studio “Birke”

Since more then 10 years I take care of the Choreographie-Studio “Birke” website. In this time the website changed a lot and I performed 2 complete relaunches already. I don’t …