Soap Kills

Soap Kills

Soapkills or Soap Kills (in Arabic الصابون يقتل read as "As-Saboun Yaqtol") is an indie electro-pop band based in Lebanon. The group was formed in October 1997 when Zeid Hamdan and Yasmine Hamdan, both born in Beirut in 1976 but not related, decided to explore and combine their interest in classical Arabic song and electronic music.

Soapkills were featured in the soundtracks of many feature films in Lebanon including A Perfect Day (2005) by Khalil Joreige and Joana Hadjithomas. One of their songs is the main theme of What Shoes (2006), a short by Gregory Buchakjian.


  • Bater (2001)
  • Cheftak (2002)
  • Enta Fen (2005)
Soap Kills


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